Well after the fanfare now that the dust has settled, we can look at video for Instagram. In some ways it seems ever so similar to Twitter’s Vine which launched in January. It’s a six second loop style video, this is 15 seconds without the loop but the all important special filters.

So those filters – the ones that have the uncanny knack of making everything look so much better than it really is and the reason for Instragram’s overwhelming popularity – but something largely ignored by some of the first branded content making the rounds.

And what does it all mean for for communicators? Messaging is getting shorter and shorter. And now even 15 seconds is starting to feel like a long time. So if you have a product to push or to sell, having a single minded message or a single call to action is even more important – especially for Generation Millennium. After all, these are the ones who will create their own content if they don’t like content they are being given.

Next up Instagram, please give us analytics!