The World’s Fastest Catwalk

We created the World’s Fastest Catwalk for Spencer Street Fashion Station. It was all over very quick but we managed to capture it all on film so that it can live on through Youtube.

The World’s Fastest Catwalk was something that was a perfect match for Spencer Street Fashion Station (SSFS). The tagline for SSFS is It’s Shopping. But Faster – so it was a bit of a Cinderella slipper.

The day began at Toni & Guy with the models having their hair and makeup done. It was all fantastic except for the rain. Torrential rain. This was a large water spanner in the works as we only had one indoor site planned, Southern Cross, with The State Library, Southbank, and a location near Flinders Street being open to the cats and dogs that were falling from the sky.

By the time all the models were ready God decided to do us a favour by clearing the rain, so we went out and did some test runs on a basketball court nearby.

Everything was up to speed in practice, so we made our way to the first location. It was probably the most important, Southern Cross Station, right next to Spencer Street Fashion Station. After a small delay as we searched for security to make sure a model wasn’t spear tackled mid show, we started.

The first World’s Fastest Catwalk attempt went smoothly… except for the burly man that wanted to walk through the runway mid show. He yelled a little as Jon (the MC) told him to “go faster so you can keep up with the models” – it seemed like he just wanted to get involved.

The rest of the day went to plan, except for losing a model in the State Library; not exactly where you would think to lose a model. They were all fantastic though and so was everyone else that worked on it.