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Australian Red Cross Blood Service and C&P reveal why the meaning of life is 42

Australian Red Cross Blood Service and C&P reveal why the meaning of life is 42

In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams wrote that the number 42 is “the answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything”.

But in doing so, he left a whole generation of fans wondering: 42 what?

A new campaign created by Cummins&Partners for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service aims to answer that question once and for all  – and in the process, create awareness of and drive action around Australia’s need for regular blood donors.

Samantha Bartlett, Marketing Director at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service explains:

“Most Australians are aware that giving blood is a good thing to do, but what they might not know is that their donation has a finite shelf-life… From the moment they donate, it has just 42 days to get to someone in need. It’s why we don’t just need people to donate today; we need them to donate regularly.”

Since the publication of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the number 42 has made regular appearances in popular culture, as an Easter egg in films and TV shows such as Iron Man, The Big Bang Theory and Lost. Scientists have also named asteroids, computer science labs and even parts of the Large Hadron Collider after the number. But until now, no one has been able to explain exactly why the number 42 is so significant.

Tom Ward, Chief Strategy Officer at Cummins&Partners said:

“We’re not sure whether Douglas Adams was a blood donor or not, but the fact that 42 also happens to be the exact shelf life of a blood donation is either a coincidence of galactic proportions, or the answer we’ve all been searching for. It’s also a great way to educate Australians about the perishable nature of blood, and encourage them to make regular donations.”

As well as creative duties, Cummins&Partners have also handled media strategy and buying and for the campaign, which kicked off off last week with a teaser campaign that included skywriting, street posters and stencils in major cities featuring the mysterious number 42. This was followed by the reveal of the full film on Sunday night, explaining the true meaning of the number and its link to blood donation. Radio, digital and OOH will also be in market over the next month, encouraging Australians to become regular blood donors.

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Cummins&Partners launches The ‘Unlimited Edition’ Project with John West

Cummins&Partners launches The ‘Unlimited Edition’ Project with John West

Iconic seafood brand John West has recently launched its latest work developed with Cummins&Partners, The ‘Unlimited Edition’ Project.

John West Australia has overhauled its supply chain and now only sources tuna certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the world’s best standard in sustainability.

This accreditation makes John West Australia not only the best, but also the world’s most sustainable tuna brand. However, it also posed somewhat of a communications challenge as ‘sustainable’ is a difficult concept for many shoppers to understand, or care about.

John West Australia saw the need to re-frame its sustainable credentials in a way that consumers would readily understand. Insights from Cummins&Partners unlocked that people understood the concept of ‘sustainable’ equaling having something ‘forever’, and from this insight the ‘Unlimited Edition’ work was born.

To dramatise the possibility of a world without fish thanks to unsustainable fishing methods, John West launched a fake tuna brand called ‘Finnish Tuna’ in partnership with MSC and WWF.

They distributed cans of Finnish Tuna to unsuspecting commuters – only for them to find that, when they opened the cans, there was nothing in them but water and a message, “Imagine a world without fish”. This appealed to consumers to think about their choices at supermarket shelves and the impact they can have on the environment.

This was followed by the introduction of the John West ‘Unlimited Edition Can’ – turning typical marketing language on its head to celebrate John West tuna now being MSC certified. Further to this, John West is committed to reaching one million dollars for WWF ocean conservation projects, helping to ensure we have ‘healthy oceans forever’.

This will be supported with broadcast media, POS and digital content.  The entire campaign has also had a strong earned media component via social media and PR, developed and executed by Mango Communications in conjunction with Cummins&Partners.

Jim Ingram, co-ECD at Cummins&Partners said, “We are very proud of this work. Making people care about sustainability, and transferring that to sales of John West is a complicated communications objective.

“Our campaign has a number of moving parts, but all of it revolves around making it easy for consumers to understand that John West’s sustainable credentials are what makes it the best tuna.”

Stephanie Dore-Smith, senior brand manager John West at Simplot said, “From the pitch to production the Cummins&Partners team has been great to work with. Our idea has captured a lot of people’s imagination and we couldn’t be more happy with the work.”

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Vodafone protests the telco industry in multimillion dollar brand relaunch

Vodafone protests the telco industry in multimillion dollar brand relaunch

Vodafone is kicking off a multimillion dollar brand relaunch campaign to promote its new simpler tariffs, reposition the brand and break free of the complexity that the telco industry has bred into the market.

The campaign, set to launch today (Sunday 23 August) introduces the #BigLittleProtest concept and sees Vodafone hold a protest against common customer frustrations around telco tariffs and data use.

It addresses common customer gripes but instead of giant placards, protesters hold up tiny SIM cards with slogans including “Let me globally roam not groan”.

The campaign follows the introduction of new plans and functions including tariffs designed to simplify what customers pay for international calls and adds free local calls and texts as standard. It also comes as Vodafone says it is finally growing its customer numbers after several years of back sliding as customers switched to Telstra and Optus.

Vodafone CMO Loo Fun Chee who joined the network in January from Phillipines telco Globe Telecom to replace Kim Clarke, says the campaign is about getting ‘cut through’ in a market that has been built around complexity and confusion for consumers. It was compounded by Telstra’s monopolistic and “extreme” dominance in the market, she said, that meant for years there was no need for any innovation because it could “dictate pricing”, which lead to tariffs and industry standards they weren’t in the customer’s best interest.

“But I came from an emerging market and it’s incredible the speed in which we were providing value for the customer and every player was innovating. There is inertia in Australian consumers, even if they’re unhappy with their operator, they won’t switch just based on price, so we need to change the conversation and talk about what you’re buying into with Vodafone. It’s not about price; it’s about committing that we will give you a simple plan,” she said.

“The question is about how to make customers listen, we’ve got to get cut through… the way that we’ve approached it is to say ‘how do we bring awareness that customers shouldn’t be living in this kind of environment [of complex tariffs, restricted data use]’?

“Coming from another market it’s strange to see that we still have things like peak and off-peak but that’s what the industry has been giving people all this time. What we’ve done is say that it’s time for Australians to really stand up to all of this. We’ve been part of that but we’re now listening and taking steps to stand up for customers.”

The campaign was created by Cummins&Partners which was appointed to handle the creative account in November and launched its Sydney shop to service the account.

It was filmed over two days in Brisbane with much of the script ad-libbed and based on what genuine customers have told Vodafone about what frustrates them about mobile tariffs.

As well as the main protest, the ad also includes cutaways to different characters such as a businessman, bohemians, documentary makers, who espouse their reasons for protesting, as well as featuring the Australian police, who back the peaceful protest

“Earth hour was invented by Australians. The Australian idea of a protest is to sit in the dark for an hour, so the Big Little Protest is protesting the Australian way. Unlike most angry, confrontational protests, the Australian tone and manner is about equality and having a fair go. The tone is more relaxed and tongue in cheek. That’s the creative approach,” explained Chee.

Chee told AdNews ahead of the campaign launch that Vodafone wanted to take a step back and address what its global ‘Power to you’ slogan really meant to an Australian audience and try to break free of the typical product based ads that look the same from every network with something that differentiates.

Big Little Protest is the first brand positioning campaign since the controversial Kidults brand campaign that launched two years ago to encourage people to rethink Vodafone, but was eventually dropped after becoming one of the most complained about ads last year. She told AdNews earlier this year that first she would focus on product marketing, and follow with branding.

Speaking about Kidults, Chee said: “We didn’t start off to be controversial with that ad, but I think we spent a lot of time this time thinking about what Power To You means to different groups. We really need a cut through and we wanted to go back to ‘Who are the Australian consumers? What is the tonality that resonates with them?’ We wanted to say that the industry is doing things this way – we need to find another way.”

Chee said that the brand and agency didn’t approach the campaign as a TV-led campaign, but from a content perspective adding that there are reams of footage that will be used to create additional online and digital content for social channels.

The ad will run across TV, radio, social, digital, online and outdoor and Vodafone says it is “experimenting” with its media mix. It is investing in content to target multicultural audiences with bespoke content to target Chinese and Indian communities in Australia using channels such as WeChat.

By AdNews


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Cookie Monster and celebrity chefs urge people to give blood in campaign focussing on a biscuit

Cookie Monster and celebrity chefs urge people to give blood in campaign focussing on a biscuit

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has used celebrity chefs and the Cookie Monster in its new campaign to get people to give blood which focuses on the biscuit people receive at the end of the process.

The new campaign, from Cummins & Partners, aims to motivate more people to follow through on giving blood, and uses celebrity chefs Matt Moran, Donna Hay, Adriano Zumbo, Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong and Gabriel Gaté describing how it is the most satisfying thing you will ever eat.

The ad, which features each of the chefs munching the biscuit, then shows Cookie Monster from Sesame Street enjoying one.
Executive creative director Ben Couzens said: “The best bit about giving blood is how you feel afterwards, knowing that your simple act has saved three lives. So we’re using the biscuit to tell Australians that giving blood feels good.
“There are many ways we could have done this – but highlighting the simple, humble biscuit makes the act of giving blood seem both heroic, yet simple and every day.”

The campaign comes to life across broadcast and social media, as well as activations, PR and in-centre collateral.
Alyson Pearce from Australian Red Cross Blood Service said: “We think the Biscuit campaign is a refreshing and novel way to communicate the benefits of giving blood, whilst making it seem like a more everyday, easily accessible activity. We are proud of this work and confident of the impact it will have.”

The campaign comes to life across broadcast and social media, as well as activations, PR and in-centre collateral.
Consumer psychologist Adam Ferrier, chief strategy offer at Cummins & Partners described the ad as “exactly the type of work we want to be making as an agency”.

“Often advertising doesn’t increase peoples’ motivations to act, it simply reminds them to do so,” said Ferrier. “That was where we started. Some people think giving blood is a hassle, or time consuming.

“We wanted to re-frame this and to make the act of giving blood seem easier and more accessible. It’s an idea that has been driven directly out of our ‘Platforms for Action’ behaviour change process, and exactly the sort of work we aspire to make as an agency.”

By Mumbrella


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In time for Cannes post-mortem ADMA Creative Fuel releases the ultimate award show case-study soundtrack via Cummins&Partners and Song Zu

In time for Cannes post-mortem ADMA Creative Fuel releases the ultimate award show case-study soundtrack via Cummins&Partners and Song Zu.

With the results for Cannes 2015 now in, advertising agencies across Australia have already begun the hard road to creating their entries for 2016. So Creative Fuel with the aid of Cummins&Partners Sydney and Melbourne (as well as a host of industry luminaries) have stepped up to help the cause and create something truly useful for our industry – The Award Show Case Study Song of the Year. A meticulously crafted soundtrack guaranteed to emotionally manipulate even the most hardened award juror into coughing up metal.

Designed by the professional musical manipulation team at Song Zu, this song can be used on any product for any client in any category. Creative Fuel spokesperson, Jodie Sangster (CEO of presenting body, ADMA), promised that Australian agencies will be singing the praises of this ingenious case-study soundtrack down la Croisette in 2016.

Says Sangster: “It’s going to turn problems, solutions and results into gold, silver and bronze trophies. The air freight bill back from Cannes next year is going to be astronomical.”

Ramesh Sathiah, creative director of Song Zu, working with senior composers Haydn Walker and Adrian Sergovich, said he fully supported Creative Fuel’s embrace of case-study music.

Says Sathiah: “We have a saying in jury rooms: Musical notes get the votes.”

In the true collaborative style that the advertising industry is famous for, the track was created with the sage advice and input of Ant Keogh, Ben Coulson, Jim Ingram, Ben Couzens, Toby Talbot, Steve Back, Steve Coll, Pat Baron, Mike Spirovski, Georgia Arnott, and Richard Muntz. Descriptors such as ‘game changer’, ‘I hear gold’ and ‘very powerful’ may have been used by some of them when listening to the final track.

Realising that such an important moment in advertising award show history needed to be recorded for posterity – renowned film director Paul Middleditch was asked by Cummins&Partners to unbiasedly document the process.

Says Middleditch: “When something this important is occurring, you just stand back and let it happen. Preferably holding a camera.”

The Case Study Song of the Year can be purchased with lifetime rights and comes with a complimentary ticket to the second annual Creative Fuel event, Thursday August 6 at the Seymour Centre in Sydney where it will have its live premiere. Accompanying this incredible musical masterpiece at the event will be some of the finest creative minds and speakers going around, including David Shing from AOL, John Merrifield from Google and Vin Farrell from Havas Worldwide.

At just $965 (roughly the price of one entry into the Cannes Branded Content & Entertainment category) for both a ticket to Creative Fuel and unlimited use of The Case Study Song of the Year, Sangster claims it to be an extremely savvy investment.

Says Sangster: “Like the song itself Creative Fuel is an event designed by creatives, for creatives. And the time you’ll save searching for case study songs you can now use to go to this great event about better ideas. The producers at your agency will also thank you.”

By Campaign Brief


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Tourism WA live streams a stream in a bid to show a fire ravaged region has recovered

Tourism WA live streams a stream in a bid to show a fire ravaged region has recovered.

Tourism Western Australia is live streaming a day in the life of a stream in its Southern Forests region in a bid to show the area has recovered after being ravaged by bushfires earlier this year.

The campaign, created by Cummins & Partners, is being live streamed through a banner ad as part of a homepage takeover on the WA Today website, with the agency claiming it is the first time live streaming through an ad banner has been developed in Australia.

Executive creative director Jim Ingram said in a statement: “Still images can be faked or out-of-date. So what better way to show the Southern Forests Region was alive and well then to show it live and well.”

Live events planned to take place around the stream include hiking and mountain biking.

“Tourism WA and Australia’s South West have been working together to develop and implement a recovery campaign that encourages visitation to the area. We hope that this ‘live stream’ will reveal how the Southern Forests Region still has a range of great nature-based experiences and so offers a relaxing local get-away,” says Tourism WA CEO, Stephanie Buckland.

The agency worked with publishers Fairfax Media to create the campaign, while a #thisiswa hashtag allows people to follow the action on Instagram and Twitter.

View the banner and campaign here.

By Mumbrella


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Guests under review at Art Series Hotel Group

Guests under review at Art Series Hotel Group

Art Series Hotel Group is turning the tables on traditional hotel review systems and implementing a new program called Reverse Reviews where the hotel staff reviews its guests.

People staying at any of the six Art Series Hotels from 17th April to 31st May 2015 can opt-in to participate. Their behaviour and demeanour will be scrutinised, assessed and ranked using a point system and published online. Guests scoring a rating of four or five stars will be rewarded with complimentary stays, upgrades, food and drink.

Art Series Hotel Group Marketing Director Ryan Tuckerman said the program is in response to the huge uptake of online review sites such as TripAdvisor.

“With more than 40 million reviews of hotels and restaurants on Trip Advisor alone, Reverse Reviews flips the process on its head and provides a way for us to recognise and reward good behaviour in a fun and light-hearted way.

“We are really proud of our review results and it’s no secret that hotels are incredibly competitive on these sites. We think our guests will respond in the same way.

“More than 60 per cent of our penthouse stays are already deriving from upgrades and ‘comps’, so now we’re looking at rewarding our best customers in a more formal and structured way.”

The idea comes off the back of research conducted by independent research company Galaxy Research, and commissioned by Art Series Hotel Group, that reveals that guest behaviour is better than what most people expect, but petty theft and deliberately parading naked in front of windows is taking place under the veil of anonymity.

Findings from the research showed that of the 1,054 people surveyed:

  • On the whole women are slightly better behaved than men;
  • People believe the most common acts of bad behaviour are taking items and not paying (19 per cent), and not declaring mini bar items on departure (18 per cent);
  • 30 per cent of those surveyed have participated in some form of anti-social hotel behaviour including walking in front of the windows naked (20 per cent) and small-scale hotel theft (10 per cent);
  • Women from Queensland with incomes of less than $40K are less likely to trash a hotel room than men from Sydney;
  • The wealthier you are the more likely you are to be rude to hotel staff (76% of people with incomes of $90K and more); and
  • The poorer you are the less likely you are to take an item without paying.

So what does the perfect hotel guest look like? Based on the survey results, women make better hotel guests than men in general. They are less likely to steal from the mini-bar, trash the room or flash themselves to passers-by.

Women from Perth, aged 50-plus, married with no children who don’t work (or who work in white-collar jobs) with an income of $40K or more a year are least likely to participate in any of the anti-social behaviours listed in the research.

Adam Ferrier, from Cummins&Partners said “Working with Art Series Hotel Group is always exciting.  As brand marketers they are world class, always looking for Avant garde ways to express their brand, whilst engaging their guests in interesting ideas. With this idea we believe ‘Review culture’ is a weird and complex emerging phenomenon, and we think turning reviews on their head is an intriguing way to get peoples attention”.

Reverse Reviews is being implemented at all Arts Series Hotels from 17th April until 31st May 2015.  For more information about Arts Series Hotels, visit


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AFL celebrate the people behind the game in campaign from Cummins&Partners

AFL celebrate the people behind the game in campaign from Cummins&Partners

The AFL has kicked off its 2015 marketing campaign ahead of the launch of the season in April with a spot created by Cummins&Partners which celebrates the people involved in the game from the players to the fans.

The ad aims to highlight that the game would not exist without its supporters by showcasing the variety of people who play and support it both on the field and at home.

AFL general manager of people, culture and community Dorothy Hisgrove said: “The AFL has made important decisions this year, listening and acting on issues the fans care about. This ad celebrates the fact that our game doesn’t exist without the passion and support of fans, and we celebrate them and their stories of passion.”

Jim Ingram, ECD at Cummins&Partners, said: “This campaign is for supporters of the game at all levels, those who make our game extraordinary. In fact, every person cast in this commercial is an AFL fan, with most of them recruited through club fan squads. Go Dons.”

Last year’s campaign, also created by Cummins&Partners, was a “call to arms” to fans to not only support their teams but to attend games and show their passion for the sport.

By Mumbrella

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Heidi Klum launches Intimates range in Melbourne with help from Cummins & Partners

Heidi Klum launches Intimates range in Melbourne with help from Cummins&Partners

Heidi Klum launched her lingerie range Heidi Klum Intimates in Melbourne yesterday ahead of a global campaign roll out in the near future.

Cummins&Partners New York is handling the global campaign, while media was handled by the agency’s Melbourne office ahead of the launch yesterday.

The launch saw Klum arrive in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall on a tram wrapped with images promoting the new range. The supermodel was accompanied by a number of male and female models wearing the new range.

Cummins&Partners global CEO Sean Cummins said: “It has been great working with Bendon to launch Heidi Klum Intimates. you only get one chance to launch and the event yesterday exceeded all expectations. Heidi’s an absolute pro to work with.

“The team at Bendon are entrepreneurial, determined and uncompromising; we enjoyed working on this project with them.

“We have some exciting work coming up for the Heidi Klum Intimates brand in the very near future. And we are keeping that under wraps for a little longer. But I promise you it redraws a few boundaries when it comes to brand and product promotion,” he added.

By Mumbrella


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Novak Djokovic and Jacob’s Creek release ‘Made By’ film series

Novak Djokovic and Jacob’s Creek release ‘Made By’ film series

On the back of the extremely successful ‘Open Film Series’ starring tennis legend Andre Agassi, Jacob’s Creek have partnered with world number one tennis player and three-time consecutive Australian Open winner Novak Djokovic.

Unscripted and raw, the films created by Cummins&Partners show a side of Novak the world has perhaps not seen before. We see the real Novak, recounting his never before told life stories from Belgrade in Serbia, celebrating the people, places and passions that have made him the tennis champion he is today. Filmed in July 2014 and titled ‘Made By Determination’, the documentary style film series takes viewers back to the beginning of Novak’s journey, from growing up in war-torn Serbia, to the dedication and commitment of his first coach Jelena Gencic, to his pivotal Grand Slam wins in the Australian Open and Wimbledon.

The ‘Made By’ film series forms part of the new Jacob’s Creek ‘Made By’ global campaign which celebrates the people, places and passions that go into crafting every bottle of Jacob’s Creek wine.

Commenting on the films at the Global Premiere, held in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday night, Djokovic said: “Everything I experienced growing up has led me to become the person I am today. Creating the Jacob’s Creek ‘Made By’ film series has allowed me to tell my story, in my own words and share it with the world.”

Derek Oliver, Global Marketing Director of Jacob’s Creek, said: ”Novak’s ‘Made By’ story brings to life the authentic spirit that Jacob’s Creek celebrates. Novak’s story is powerful, and the determination, dedication and effort he has put into his career is similar to the craft of our winemakers and the people behind Jacob’s Creek. Our partnership has been truly collaborative, working together to create a film series that celebrates authenticity, and that we are truly proud to take to the world”.

Kirsty Muddle, Chief Innovation & Media Officer of Cummins&Partners said: “We met Novak three years ago, we knew then that he was the right person to deliver a lens on the Jacob’s Creek story. This year’s ‘Made By’ film series is a continuation on what Andre shared for Jacob’s Creek in our earlier chapters. This film series is a long term platform for the brand and we are committed to making it a success for both Pernod Ricard, the consumer and delivering a standard of content a broadcaster wants to run.”

The partnership with Djokovic is part of Jacob’s Creek’s global tennis sponsorship platform, which includes the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the China Open. The global launch, which coincides with the Australian Open, has rolled out with extensive activity across broadcast, digital, social and retail in 16 markets.

Watch the full ‘Made by Determination’ film here:
The full series of films can be watched at


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