Live Liberated

To combat increasing competition in innovation, and waning relevance to the next generation of females, we created culturally relevant work that broke taboos. ‘Live Liberated’ embraced, empowered, and encouraged women to feel liberated from societal expectations of feminity.
We gave women the freedom 'to do you' – whether you have your period or not. We achieved double-digit market share and sales growth increase, claimed back important market share, and created a no-bullshit platform that could carry through to all Libra products – including Libra Period Proof Undies. The challenge was to get women to incorporate them into their monthly period ritual. A ritual encapsulated in four simple words – wear, bleed, wash, repeat. We created a bespoke music track with emerging female artist CD, and produced Libra’s first-ever campaign created specifically for the TikTok platform, seamlessly connecting them with a whole new audience.