Leading the category for better sleep for all 

In a category in the midst of disruption, it would be all too easy to lose focus and fight the competition on a new playing field. But why do that when your product is of the utmost quality, and your brand is steeped in superior support? We recognised that the huge number of new players – such as the Bed-in-a-Box gang – couldn’t promise the technology that had put Sealy at the forefront of shoppers' minds for years. So we doubled down. Not just blindly, but intentionally. We knew the business and product strategy was so aligned it simply needed the right story to be mapped and made.
We celebrated Sealy's expertise in a way that showcased what a business that continually innovates and invests in tech, can do differently. With a modern take on a consistent approach, we developed a truly integrated campaign that appealed to shoppers and retailers alike, helping the Sealy brand grow at a time when one-click competitors were shouting the loudest. It turns out quality products and retail are a long way from dead. In fact, our work with Sealy suggests there will always be a big space for those that continually strive to deliver a better product for their retailers, and in this instance, better sleep for their customers.