Jeep Wrangler is the antidote to boring in launch campaign via Cummins&Partners

“I’ve wanted a beige minivan since I was a kid,” said no one, ever.

That’s the insight behind the campaign for the all-new Jeep Wrangler, launched this week via Cummins&Partners.

Led by a launch film, set in an alternate universe where a child’s dream car is a sensible beige minivan, the cheeky campaign is a welcome reminder not to let life get in the way of what you’ve always truly wanted. 

Rebecca Williams, Director of Marketing, says, “We found that for adventure seekers, owning a Wrangler is a lifelong desire. Beyond the iconic Jeep grille is an all-new vehicle with more comfort, technology and capability ensuring this icon is equipped for the demands of today.”

Rachel Semmens, Senior Marketing Manager, says “It’s a privilege to launch the next evolution of this automotive icon and reignite that latent love consumers have for the Wrangler.” 

Chris Ellis, Creative Director, C&P says, “If your ten-year-old self met you now, would they be disappointed with the car you drive? A Wrangler is a dream for many, but until now, life – and oppressive choices like a beige minivan – were rationalised at the expense of adventure. Owning your childhood dream machine makes more sense than ever”. 

Kicking off with teaser creative featuring the anti-hero beige minivan, the campaign is live across large format outdoor, television, digital and social.