Chobani redefines its positioning in the yogurt category in groundbreaking, strategically-led campaign by Cummins&Partners.

Cummins&Partners has redefined what the next decade will look like for Chobani in its new brand campaign Food Made Good. Building on the four years of partnership between Cummins&Partners and Chobani, this campaign was born through strategic leadership to uncover the truth at the core of the brand and bring it to life through a fully integrated creative:media approach.

“We are redefining what this brand means for the next decade. Chobani has always been a leader in the yogurt category but this represents the next evolution of the brand.” – Sean Cummins, Chief Creative Officer, Cummins&Partners.

Food Made Good voices the company’s commitment to making high quality, nutritious and delicious food accessible to all, and challenges the wider food industry to improve the standards of food for everyone. Cummins&Partners has purposefully tapped into the cultural zeitgeist where consumers want more from brands than just a product. They want to see brands that believe in quality first, and are socially responsible, to be a driving force of change.

“This draws a line in the sand, hitting home that Chobani brings so much more than yogurt to the table.” – Damian Young, GM Marketing, Chobani

The campaign launches at the 10th anniversary of when founder Hamdi Ulukaya first brought the yogurt company to Australia from the United States. Founded in 2005, Chobani has had a long-standing belief in and a commitment to making high quality, delicious food for everyone. Chobani believes in doing things the right way and not the easy way and this comes to life in everything they do.

“Anyone can copy our food, but they can’t copy what we stand for, what we believe in.” – Damian Young, GM Marketing, Chobani.

Cummins&Partners’ outstanding integration of strategy, creative & media is seen across the campaign and gives it an edge whether it be through the clear and innovative strategic thinking, bold creative or the carefully procured media.