C&P and Plan International demonstrate what it’s really like to ‘Walk Like A Woman’

In a 2018 study* of 38 countries, including those with much higher homicide rates, Australia had the largest gap between how men and women feel about their safety when walking alone at night, with many women reporting they felt under threat.

To tackle this issue Cummins&Partners and Risk Sound have created ‘Walk Like A Woman’, in partnership with global independent development and humanitarian organisation Plan International.

‘Walk Like A Woman’ is an immersive 3D soundscape recorded with a series of omni-directional microphones that lets men experience just what it’s like to walk alone as a young woman. The track launches as part of a playlist on Spotify and is supported by outdoor, catch-up TV, social and digital.

Plan International Australia Ambassador and host of Sexism And The City podcast Jan Fran said ‘Walk Like A Woman’ was breaking new ground in allowing men to step into the shoes of a young woman.

“Most men want to help girls and women feel safer, yet they have never thought about how their presence affects girls and women walking alone at night – through no fault of their own, men simply don’t know how it feels to be a woman,” said Fran.

Michelle Canning, Copywriter at Cummins&Partners said, “Women have been told for decades to modify their behaviour to stay safe, but now it’s time for men to do their bit to help women feel safer too. This incredibly realistic audio track not only gives them first-hand experience, but is also a way to help rectify the problem, with simple behavioral change suggestions sourced from Plan International’s group of female youth activists.”

You can listen to the track here, watch the video here or head to plan.org.au/walklikeawoman to find out how you can play a part in making women feel safer on our streets.


*Source: http://www.oecdbetterlifeindex.org/countries/australia/