Cummins&Partners and the Australian Secret Intelligence Service invite Australians to take “The Most Interesting Job Interview”

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) has launched a new recruitment campaign aimed at attracting Australia’s next generation of intelligence officers.
Featuring a series of mind-bending audio and visual challenges, “The Most Interesting Job Interview” is an interactive interview that gives ordinary Australians the chance to step into the shoes of an aspiring ASIS Intelligence Officer.
The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, who launched the campaign last Tuesday, said the interview was designed to attract those who might never have considered a career in secret intelligence.

Tom Ward, Chief Strategy Officer at Cummins & Partners said the agency worked closely with ASIS in order to design challenges that filtered out anyone who didn’t fit a very specific personality profile.

“We know ASIS Intelligence Officers have excellent people skills, are great lateral thinkers, and notice things that others don’t. So our challenge was to build an online experience that tested these very human abilities in a creative, yet psychologically credible way.”
The campaign and Julie Bishop have already featured on Sunrise, The Project, The Today Show and Sky News. Intriguingly, it has also gained rapid global interest appearing on CNN NY and news programs in Germany, France and Spain.

You can take the Most Interesting Job Interview now by visiting