Cummins&Partners creates Superbowl History

The commercial titled “Ultrasound” was a collaboration between Cummins&Partners creative team Heath Collins & Liam Jenkins and director Pete Carstairs of Mr Smith.

The commercial was created for the Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ competition where 4,500 commercials were entered from around the world – with the Aussie entry “Ultrasound” being selected as one of only two commercials to air during the iconic half time break at Super Bowl 50. It’s now up to the USA Today Ad Meter to determine which ad will be crowned the winner.

Since being shortlisted as one of the top three commercials in Crash the Super Bowl competition, “Ultrasound” has received over 60 million views online, with 1.5 million social shares and was the clear favourite in the social media world.

Says Ben Couzens, executive creative director at Cummins&Partners: “Having an opportunity to write a Super Bowl script isn’t something that comes up very often down here in Oz so when Pete came to us from Mr Smith and asked us to write him a script for the competition, we obviously jumped at it.”

Says Helene Nicol of Mr Smith: “Our mantra is Make it Happen. On Ultrasound, it was simply a matter of bringing together the right people and giving them the resources needed to bring a big idea to life.”

‘Ultrasound’ aired during half time at Super Bowl 50 to a global audience of more than 100 million people. A touchdown for Down Under.