Cummins&Partners has been appointed by Open Universities Australia

The appointment will see Cummins&Partners take responsibility for the development of integrated brand strategy and creative output for the online learning brand, as they look to continue to grow student numbers and widen access to their innovative courses and platforms.

C&P Melbourne MD Tom Ward said, “Open Universities Australia are the original online learning institution, and we’re absolutely delighted to be working with them to help them continue to lead the category into 2016 and beyond.”

Open Universities Australia CEO Paul Wappett added, commented, “As the education category has exploded, students are now bombarded with very mixed messages which can make navigation of their options feel really confusing.

“At OUA we always ensure the student is at the heart of every interaction, and we wanted this campaign to reflect that we really do offer a quality learning experience for our students, on their terms, supporting them along their decision making process and beyond, to ensure they can successfully reach their education goals.”

The appointment is effective immediately, and will see a new campaign in market in January 2016.