Cummins&Partners helps the Australian Psychological Society believe in change

This week sees the launch of ‘Believe in Change’, the first national campaign ever undertaken by the Australian Psychological Society (APS), the peak representative body for psychologists in Australia, and developed by Cummins&Partners.

Adam Ferrier, consumer psychologist at Cummins&Partners, said, “All psychologists are in the business of helping people get from where they are to where they want to be. We’ve taken this universal truth and expressed it as ‘Believe in Change’. That is, psychologists are the people to see when you want to change something about your life.”

Pat Freeland-Small MAPS, Head of Marketing, Communications and Events at the APS, said, “The APS provides an invaluable service to many Australians every day in fields as diverse as organisational psychology, sports psychology, clinical and counselling psychology and beyond. We needed an idea that would both unify all psychologists and help the public understand the benefits psychologist can bring to all our lives. We are extremely pleased with the results of the work, it’s been extremely well received by our members and trust it resonates with the public as well.”

Tom Martin, ECD at Cummins&Partners, said, “We’ve taken the ‘Believe in Change’ platform and expressed it in two broad areas. Firstly, a series of films that talk to the circle of life and how psychologists can help with change. The other way it will come to life is ‘Believe in Change Productions’…but more on that later.”

The media plan, also developed by Cummins&Partners, is built upon targeted environments that raise issues of psychology. Sharni Ames, Media Director at Cummins&Partners, said, “A lot of content people consume can be entertaining, but also leave them somewhat unsettled, or even dissatisfied. We want APS psychologists to be in these environments when people are questioning if change is possible.”