Cummins&Partners has revealed its newly formed creative leadership panel

Said Sean Cummins “The last few years we have quietly nurtured a very talented and deep pool of creative people. When I came back to the Melbourne office I saw people who had been in our culture for many years who have really earned the right to take senior roles. There was a creative crew here that showed incredible potential but probably needed the space and the authority to realise that potential.

“The last six months have been about identifying the leaders who best understand our culture, our willingness to ignore the creative bandwagons and produce fresh, world-class work that surprises,” Cummins added.

The new leadership sees Wendy Mace, Heath Collins, Chris Ellis, Luke Wallis and Sarah McGregor at the helm as creative directors and Trent Hendrick and Adam Slater promoted to asssociate CDs.

“To be given the opportunity to influence the work of a big agency with great clients across a bunch of categories is an absolute honour. Exciting times!” said Heath Collins.

“And we have had a string of sensational new business wins” added Mace. “We needed to spread our leadership and our skills.

Luke Wallis concluded: “The new leadership structure is an opportunity to re-calibrate the agency – introducing new skills, ideas, experience and personalities to keep C&P on the top of its game and provide new ways of working. We are faster than we have ever been and we demonstrate the hallmarks of Sean’s style: Speed and Passion.”