Cummins&Partners team with Andrew Denton to ‘Stop The Horror’

To urge politicians and voters to let the Voluntary Assisted Dying law pass through Victorian parliament, Cummins&Partners, working in partnership with Andrew Denton, Go Gentle Australia, and acclaimed director Justin Kurzel (Snowtown, Assassin’s Creed), have developed a shocking film project called ‘Stop The Horror’.

Gaining huge awareness through PR and social media, ‘Stop The Horror’ allows people to witness the true story of the grim last days of terminally ill patient, Greg Sims. His story is told with brutal, gut-wrenching honesty. The intense moments of pain, the emotional turmoil, the despair and, at times, the endless waiting, are all laid bare.

“This issue is constantly discussed amongst activist circles on both sides, but it needs to be exposed to a wider audience. Almost everyone knows someone who has experienced this kind of suffering,” says Avish Gordhan, creative director. “‘Stop The Horror’ gets people, who are not the typical audience, to really consider what’s at stake.”