Cummins&Partners wins Australian Psychological Society account

The APS is the leading professional organisation for psychologists in Australia and represents over 22,000 psychologists. The APS will be working with Cummins&Partners in its endeavours to advocate for the discipline and profession of psychology, and psychologists in Australia.

Pat Freeland-Small, Head Marketing, Communications & Events at the APS said, “We were impressed with Cummins&Partners strategic, creative and media thinking, and know they will be an excellent partner for the APS moving forward. They have an intimate understanding of psychology and demonstrated they are passionate about the health of this important discipline”.

Adam Ferrier, Chief Strategy Officer of Cummins&Partners said, “We believe that understanding psychology is the foundation of building successful brands and businesses. Working with the APS will be an honour as we help to promote the work psychologists do in Australia.  It is also a magnificent opportunity for us to forge strong relationships with psychologists in Australia. We’ve got some really interesting projects on the table which we are excited about bringing to market in 2017”.