EnergyAustralia has committed to ‘Light the Way’ towards a better energy future for all Australians

“Affordable and sustainable energy is one of the biggest challenges we face as a society,” said Kim Clarke, EnergyAustralia Chief Customer Officer. “We’re committing to stepping forward and leading the industry and working with our customers towards better energy use.”

The new brand positioning launches with an open letter to all Australians from EnergyAustralia’s Managing Director, Catherine Tanna. This outlines EnergyAustralia’s responsibility and commitment to lead change in the way it generates and delivers energy to households and businesses (big and small), and the company’s plans to address the challenge of providing reliable, affordable and clean energy for all Australians.

The creative developed with  Cummins&Partners,  will be rolled out nationally across TV, print, outdoor, digital, social, and throughout the whole customer experience.

Cummins&Partners CEO Chris Jeffares explained: “From the beginning we were very focused on tackling the industry’s most critical challenge. In tackling such a problem, the collaboration of the EnergyAustralia and C&P teams was simply outstanding, as we undertook the re-articulation of the brand and purpose.”

In articulating the creative, Jim Ingram Executive Creative Director, Cummins&Partners explained: “The creative centres around the idea that the power of ideas is the most exciting energy source there is. Australia’s present energy solutions and technologies have served us well, but to create a better future for all of us, we urgently need new ideas that reimagine how we generate, deliver and use energy. So EnergyAustralia is stepping up to Light the Way.”

John Ballenger, Head of Marketing at EnergyAustralia said,” For us, Light The Way is not just a campaign, it’s a commitment across the whole organisation that we deliver better energy use for all Australians. We’re all really excited and very proud of what we stand for and how we are telling Australia through our advertising launching this week”.