Hybrid and Cummins&Partners join forces

Having promised to shake up the industry in Adelaide with the launch of Cummins&Partners there, this goal has now gathered further momentum through the merger with leading local independent in Hybrid.

The creation of CumminsHybrid will be effective immediately and creates arguably Australia’s largest independent agency network across Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

The agency leverages off the Creative/Media fusion that Cummins&Partners have become synonymous with and consistently awarded for, whilst complimenting this with the innovation, digital and design strengths of the Hybrid team.

“When we launched Hybrid in Adelaide, we had grand ambitions that were based around our desire to be fiercely entrepreneurial with the freedom of an independent. Our vision included reimagining the agency model and we have had great success over that journey – winning pitches, building brands, and launching our own products and brands via our IP commercialisation and start-up investment company Hybrid O2” says Rob Porcaro, Managing Director of CumminsHybrid.

“But we believe that the time is right to be even more ambitious in our thinking as we now have the foundations in place that can act as a springboard to even greater success” he added.

Discussions between the agencies accelerated during the last few months, as the opportunity to build a powerhouse agency that fused two capabilities together became clear.

Cummins&Partners Australia CEO, Chris Jeffares said “Cummins&Partners and Hybrid share a kindred spirit for entrepreneurship, as our growth highlights, and we see the combined breadth of services as a real benefit to clients. There is an ever-increasing need for these diversified capabilities and in Rob, Craig and Bronwen, we have great leaders and client partners”.

“Most of us joined this industry we love for its creativity, innovation, pace and culture. We constantly embrace change as our lifeblood, and we constantly want to create and embrace new opportunities. That’s what Cummins Hybrid will create” Jeffares added.

Rob Porcaro will take on the Managing Director role of Cummins Hybrid, with his long term partner, Craig Jackson will take on the Executive Creative Director role and Bronwen Gwynn-Jones assumes the role of Managing Partner.