Jeep Australia launches Jeep Grand Land via Cummins&Partners

The iconic brand Jeep is giving away a piece of rural Aussie land to one lucky person with an appetite for adventure, in its latest work developed by Cummins&Partners Melbourne.

Jeep has for years inspired Australians to ‘Don’t Hold Back’ and get out there and explore this amazing country. However, for some people they need an extra incentive to get out beyond the city limits. So, during the month of March and April 2016, Jeep is giving one lucky person a reason to get away more often with the ultimate reward – the chance to win a big chunk of rural Aussie land if they test-drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Launching with a website, TV, press, outdoor, digital, social and PR, the campaign communicates: The Grand Cherokee is packed with features for all-terrain performance, the only thing missing, is somewhere to drive it.

Those with an adventurous spirit are urged to visit the website, where an interactive map of Australia allows them to browse any piece of land for sale outside a certain distance from each capital city.

To make this idea a reality, Cummins&Partners and Maxus Australia approached and brokered a partnership with – who are known for their comprehensive property listings nationally. Using a custom live property listing API developed specifically for the campaign, the properties are categorised into a diverse range of geographic types (Coastal, Country, Forest, Outback, Mountain) and are filtered to reflect locations remote enough to truly have an adventure – all while acting as a testament to the fact that the feature packed Jeep Grand Cherokee is capable in any terrain.
To find out more about how to win your very own piece of Grand Land, book a test drive now at