MAC reminds drivers ‘don’t fight fatigue’ in new outdoor campaign via Cummins&Partners SA.

Cummins&Partners South Australia’s latest campaign for the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia (MAC) reminds drivers: don’t fight fatigue.

Says Jason Hollamby, creative director, Cummins&Partners South Australia: “Many drivers ignore the signs of fatigue while driving long distances and try to push through, in particular during the Christmas holiday period. Using MAC’s owned regional billboard network we wanted to create an impactful message to remind drivers not to fight fatigue, simply by resting every 2 hours.”
Cummins&Partners used 3-D printing technology to achieve a more realistic effect aimed at highlighting the blow drivers feel when fatigue hits.

Says Michael Cornish, general manager, road safety and strategic communications, MAC: “Driver fatigue is particularly dangerous because it affects your ability to judge your own level of tiredness. While anyone can be affected by fatigue, research indicates it is more likely to be a factor in rural crashes due to long trips and extensive periods of continuous driving. Regional drivers are no strangers to long distance driving, but they are over represented in road trauma, and when it comes to driving tired, 22 per cent of this year’s rural fatalities have been attributed to fatigue.”

The fatigue outdoor campaign is now running throughout regional South Australia and will be supported with digital activity to give drivers tips on how to avoid fatigue.