T2 appoints Cummins&Partners as global full service agency following a four-way pitch

One of Australia’s greatest start up success stories, T2, has engaged Cummins&Partners to take its brand story to the world. Says Jane Hoban, global director of marketing, T2: “From our small beginnings in Melbourne, T2 Tea has taken the traditional art of tea and turned it on its head with 21 years of brewing experience, T2 has grown into a global omni-channel business with 97 stores across 5 markets with significant growth ambitions to build a generation of tea lovers on every continent.
“And there has never been a better time.  Premium Tea is a high growth category and at a tipping point as consumers migrate to healthier beverage options.

“We were looking for a partner to help with our growth ambitions.”

The highly competitive pitch against 3 others saw Cummins&Partners emerge with the duties for the much-admired brand.

Says Sean Cummins, the creative founder of C&P: “We are humbled and thrilled to take on a brand that has such a wonderful sense of itself. You’d be hard pressed to find a more beautifully designed, diverse and attractive experience. From the stores to the remarkable flavours that you pour into your teacup…there is such a fulfilling and joyous aspect to T2.”

Work begins immediately on campaign in local markets with a roll-out in the US and UK. Billings and other agencies involved in the pitch remain undisclosed.