Tourism WA live streams a stream in a bid to show a fire ravaged region has recovered.

Tourism Western Australia is live streaming a day in the life of a stream in its Southern Forests region in a bid to show the area has recovered after being ravaged by bushfires earlier this year.

The campaign, created by Cummins & Partners, is being live streamed through a banner ad as part of a homepage takeover on the WA Today website, with the agency claiming it is the first time live streaming through an ad banner has been developed in Australia.

Executive creative director Jim Ingram said in a statement: “Still images can be faked or out-of-date. So what better way to show the Southern Forests Region was alive and well then to show it live and well.”

Live events planned to take place around the stream include hiking and mountain biking.

“Tourism WA and Australia’s South West have been working together to develop and implement a recovery campaign that encourages visitation to the area. We hope that this ‘live stream’ will reveal how the Southern Forests Region still has a range of great nature-based experiences and so offers a relaxing local get-away,” says Tourism WA CEO, Stephanie Buckland.

The agency worked with publishers Fairfax Media to create the campaign, while a #thisiswa hashtag allows people to follow the action on Instagram and Twitter.

View the banner and campaign here.

By Mumbrella