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Plan International

Walk like a woman

One in two Australian women don’t feel safe walking home alone at night. 

In recent years several high profiles, unprovoked murders on Melbourne streets put the issue of women’s safety at the forefront of the public consciousness. This environment of fear led authorities and media personalities to suggest that women should change their behaviour to feel safe. But this ignored the fact women have always changed their behaviour. The fact is it was men that needed to change their behaviour. But in order to get men changing their behaviour, we had to give them a way to fully understand the problem. 

To let men experience what women go through, we partnered with Spotify and created ‘Walk Like a Woman’. It’s a 360-degree track that utilised 360-degree binaural recording to accurately, and somewhat scarily, allow male listeners to experience what it’s like to be a female walking home alone at night.

The campaign started a nationwide conversation and provided men with simple changes they could make to help everyone feel safer on our streets.