An “Uber for Diversity” Launches

Is your conference panel entirely composed of straight white men?  Are you getting called out for it on Twitter? Do you need a quick and easy way look like you’re politically correct without actually doing anything meaningful? Well, you’re in luck! Announcing:, an “Uber for Diversity”. With you’ll get ethics with our ethnics, ticks with our chicks, and praise with our gays!  Rent-A-Minority will begin by catering to conference organizers but then expand its services laterally.

The site has been launched out of Cummins&Partners New York, created by CSO and Partner, Arwa Mahdawi.

Of the initiative Arwa said “ occupies a sweet spot in the convergence of two trends: 1) the lets-talk-about-diversity economy; and 2) the on-demand economy. Technology means you can get anything delivered to you in minutes. So why not a minority?”

Arwa goes on to say “’Diversity’ has become a massive buzzword in the ad/tech/media industry. We talk endlessly about it but never actually do anything meaningful about it. There has become a very depressing cycle where 1) conference speakers are announced; 2) Twitter points out vociferously that all the conference speakers are white men; 3) conference tries to scramble to find a woman or a non-white person to make themselves look good; 4) conference organizers then pat themselves on the back. “Oh but it is so hard to find good speakers who are not white men” is the excuse usually proffered. As Google is too hard for these people to understand, I thought I’d start an idiot-proof diversity delivery service.”

Are you the type of person who needs is a side project that has come out of Cummins&Partners policy of encouraging its employees to pursue their passion projects. It is not affiliated with any client.